he.....hello you *pout* im not yoshi doll right im just were.... Ohhh why just why! OK I'LL JUST SPIT IT OUT!!!! Yoshi Doll Is gone!!!!!! He was my gaurdian! FLAME told me the whole thing. Yoshi Doll sucked the evil soul spell that evil lg casted on sonic doll that made sonic doll evil....... And now...... Yoshi Doll turned into Yoshar Doll and farewarning Yoshar Doll is as strong as TD... Flame manage to free yoshi doll for a couple of minutes by telling him about how flame has a broken ribs and he might die and about flame being the gaurdian of may Then it made Yoshi Doll pop out because he remembered about being the gaurdian of me! Then he had TAH Take his place about gaurding me then he continued his curse! OH LOST GOD OH LOST GOD kinda lols a little bit about saying oh lost god then starts crying again.

For any of you who figure out how to unlock him in mario kart 64 do not beat your record in a solo race as him or yoshar doll will escape and kill  you just like TD in sonic r!

And TheAmazingHypneegee please dont think it was your fault hes gone he was just trying to protect you and everyone else...

I will miss him..... HE.....wasnt just my gaurdian..... HE WAS MY BEST FREIND! *burstes in tears* NOW THE GAURDIAN OF ARE DIMENSION IS NOW THE @ND DOLL TRYING TO DESTROY IT!!!!! Now sorry If I get a little mean or sad for awhile....... Bye *cries*