I am the Yoshi Doll I speak three languages my freind Sonic Doll speaks two he speaks doll and human. But I can speak doll language and /yoyo pucker = yoshi language.You may have read Sonic Dolls story My story... by TheAmazingHypneegee and I just want to tell you its all true.You see I was a doll that was the same age as Sonic Doll and Tails Doll.

Chapter 1: Yoshi DollEdit

I was made by a little girl Yoshi native she was my mother her name was Sushie one day Sushie found a magic gem she brought it home with her Sushie was a fan of science she put a robot skeleton in me. She attached the gem she found to a rod she put on my head. She brought me to life it was a mirracle. We where good freinds but 5 months later we where attacked by The Dark Yoshis the army of the Destroyer / Yoky The Yoshi Of Darkness.They captured Me Sushie and her family but me  and Sushie where small anough to fit through the bars of the cage. It was during winter *pout* Sushie didnt make it......*sniff* but as a doll I couldnt freeze to death I came to a haunted mansion thats where I lived I went to the basement and there it was a ghost made of light his name was Zalroid gaurdian of the 2nd pure heart ( not to be confused with the 2nd pure soul its the second pure heart collecting all 8 will either give you a wish or give you the chaos heart wich equals chaos form or the end of all dimensions) He told me to protect it with all my life and I excepted it.

Chapter 2: Sonic Doll and Miles DollEdit

After the winter I was curious about these two freinds that where my neighbors there names where Sonic Doll and Miles Doll (Miles Doll is the good Tails Doll) .I only went out to the front porch to watch them but they never noticed me. I really was intrested in meating other living dolls. I was really interested in Sonic  Doll.But I was to sigh to talk.But then one night he didnt come back from playing with Miles Doll. I never heared from Sonic Doll again until this year 2012 but he doesnt remember me from the past I guest thats because I was to sigh he didnt noticed me in the past.

Chapter 3: Tails DollEdit

The next morning I went outside and there he was Miles Doll infront of me. Yoshi Doll: Miles Doll? Why are you here? Miles Doll:Im not Miles Doll anymore im the Tails Doll! How did  you know about Miles Doll? Little dino doll.Yoshi Doll: Uhh....Tails Doll: You dont have to anwser that! Im here for the 2nd pure heart? Yoshi Doll: *pure heart he wants the pure heart?*Yoshi Doll:!!!!Wheres Sonic Doll? Tails Doll:Sonic Doll? Mwa ha ha ha. Yoshi Doll:What did you do to him? Tails Doll: Samething im going to do to you. Since the 2nd pure heart is here somewhere. Yes for gimme it and be my servant or no for die? Yoshi Doll: NOOOOO! Tails Doll: Fine then you will die. I ran to my room he followed I jumped out the window and he followed he fell on me! We wrestled he was just to strong but I managed to escape. I ran into the forest. But he took out his sling shot aimed at the light of my gem he let go and........thats the rest of my memory. All I do remember is that he didnt find me or the 2nd pure heart.

Chapter 4: The gaurdian of the 2nd pure heartEdit

In 2009 I got found by Dr. Egadd and he rebuilded me he replaced my gem with a power star and now I can go in advanced mode/Yoshi Doll Bot.But all of my memorys came back to me. I went to my old neighborhood and it was deserted oh no he got them all then I remembered my scary memory back in the yoshi village. I went to my mansion down into my basement and it wasnt there but I notticed a gust of wind coming from the book shelf. I pused it and there it was the 2nd pure soul then I pictured Tails Doll getting all 8 summoning the chaos heart and the void would eat the dimensions. I cant let that happen im the gaurdian of the 2nd pure heart.

Chapter 5: Demons and AngelsEdit

The whole reason people call me the Angel Doll is because I died went to heaven and got brought back to life.

The reason they call Tails Doll the Demon Doll is because he developed demon powers. [1]angel yoshi doll vs demon tails dollAdded by Werepuppy


If you want to use the 2nd pure heart you have to ask me im the gaurdian of the 2nd pure heart. [2]The 2nd pure heartAdded by WerepuppyNow im enemys with tails doll,weegee and yoky doll my im getting married to birdo doll. [3]Added by Werepuppy[4]Added by Werepuppy[5]Added by Werepuppymy brother is mecha yoshi but he turned evil and went away.I can turn into yoshi doll bot wich is advance mode. [6]Added by Werepuppy[7]Added by Werepuppy[8]Dr. Egadd my dadAdded by WerepuppyMy dad is Dr. Egadd.My mom was a little yoshi girl named Sushie. [9]Sushie my memory of my momAdded by Werepuppy my house tour is at